The NAC Foundation

The NAC Foundation (New Ateliers Charlois) is an independent non-profit organization, established in 2004. The NAC Foundation manages studio spaces for (young) artists and other cultural producers. Furthermore the NAC Foundation has two guesthouses for temporary use. The NAC Foundation aims to promote cultural activities in Rotterdam with particular attention to the district of Charlois. To reach this aim several criteria have been setup for art and cultural projects in this area, which are partly funded by the culture fund of the NAC Foundation, the Mya Cultural Fund. The Mya Cultural Fund receives financial contributions of artists and cultural producers related to the NAC Foundation; this ensures that benefits from the artistic and cultural projects flow back into the community.

The NAC Foundation tries to achieve its aims by:

  Generating, managing and creating affordable spaces for a short or long period of time, in order to support artistic practices

  Promoting artists and/or other cultural producers’ participation in social processes and partnerships with social agencies

  Encouraging artistic activities, focused on society and the development of the urban environment.

The management structure

The management structure is as follows: users pay their fee to a collective fund. From this collective fund the costs are paid for maintenance, overall management of individual living spaces and collective spaces. The annual reserves can be used to support financially the cultural activities.

In other words, active artists and/or cultural producers can enter their pre-paid user fees to develop cultural activities. The NAC Foundation will function as contact and as mediator for both users as well as local authorities.


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Kamiel Verschuren    
Floris Schiferli
Tineke Teunen 
Members of the Board
Gerard Zaan
Jaap Verheul

NAC Office
Kamiel Verschuren and Jaap Verheul

Date of establishment
IBAN NL02INGB0005349340

Legal address
Foundation NAC
Talingstraat 5
3082 MG